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The taste of an angel

Italian dishes and products can be found all over the world. Recipes from Italy have pure flavors and this may be the reason why Italian recipes and Italian cuisine are so popular. Italian recipes are characterized by the use of fresh and often local products and the simple way in which they are applied. I have also used an Italian recipe often enough, the big difference with when I now cook an Italian recipe in Italy is that the ingredients used are just so much better. The products you buy here from the local farmer, even the supermarket or at the market, cannot be compared to what I bought in the Netherlands. And this, I would like to share this with you. As well as the beautiful wines I encounter here, the wines that are affordable and have the taste of an overpriced bottle of wine in the Netherlands.

In short, follow, ask and discover the most delicious products and recipes of great Italian cuisine with me and experience that explosion of taste.